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Commercial Appraisals


Heartland Valuation Services has been serving our clients valuation needs since in 1999, over these 20 years of experience, Heartland Valuation Services has developed a proven Nationwide MAI/ commercial appraisal panel and customer service team dedicated to delivering to you an intelligent, high-quality appraisal report that gives your team a complete analysis of the asset. 

Trust is the most important bridge to build with your organization. Heartland Valuation Services builds trust by delivering consistently, a detailed report that is methodically developed by our appraisal panel and accompanied with our highly skilled customer service and quality analysis team. 

Our commercial appraisal division will take the tasks and challenges from your desk and give you the confidence that your valuation request is in good hands. Our management system will give you electronic status updates all the way through the assignment keeping you informed at a click of a mouse. 

Does your current vendor push their preset forms on you? Heartland Valuation Services will not push our preset forms on any of our clients, we welcome our clients to review our forms, but if you wish to use your own forms, we will welcome your request without any problems. 

Our standard practice on servicing commercial orders is to first obtain a MAI appraiser that is knowledgeable with the scope of work and the availability for the assignment. Appraisers will sometimes concentrate on specific market segments such as Hotel/Motel, Multi-Family, Retail, Office, Warehouse, Distribution, Manufacturing, Medical, Subdivision, Church’s and a wide variety of other properties. Based on the results, we will choose the most qualified MAI appraiser for the assignment. 

Report options are varied with complete and limited use appraisals reports. Our reports can be tailored to your needs while remaining competitively priced. Fees are based on the property type, location and complexity of assignment. 

Prior to final assignment, we will confirm with you that the fee and turn-time is acceptable, once that is established, we will then engage with the commercial appraiser for assignment.

When the appraisal is completed, our in-house MAI commercial designated appraiser will conduct a QA (Quality Analyses) on the final report prior to delivery.


Why Use Heartland Valuation Services?


Heartland Valuation Services established in 1999, offers you 20 years of commercial appraisal experience plus: 

  • A Knowledgeable Appraisal team you can Trust

  • Flexible forms to work with your policy and procedures

  • Constant communication on the assignment via our secure platform

  • QA on all reports prior to delivery from our In-House MAI Appraiser

  • Reports developed using USPAP Standards 1,2 and 3

  • Secure (SOC2) order and delivery system exceeding regulatory requirements

  • Cost effective Portfolio inspections to help ensure regulatory compliance


Heartland Valuation Services offers these additional services available for your commercial lending and servicing department

  • Nationwide Portfolio Review report (Verisite) that includes a physical photograph of all 4 exterior sides of the structure(s) and delivers a time, and geographical location stamp on all pictures and is then uploaded in real time to deliver a cost effective and time saving report. Interior photographs are also available on this product

  • Business Credit Reports to review creditor payment history, UCC filings and public records

  • Corporate tax return verifications direct from the IRS 

  • Flood Zone Terminations

  • Business owners personal (soft pull) credit reports on the principals of the business

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