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Credit Overview

Heartland Credit Services, dba ACRAnet has been serving our clients since 1992 and offers many products and services that can help streamline your loan originations, processing, underwriting, pre-closing and post-closing credit and compliance needs.

ACRAnet simplifies the entire loan cycle with our highly educated customer service team and innovative product offering that we have developed over the past 27-years. Your organization and team members will gain the Trust with ACRAnet and Heartland Valuation Services as your premier provider of credit, valuation services, compliance and data verification products that has a team with knowledge, technology and an overall customer centric dedication to excellence! We offer over 120 products with our family of companies and partners that specialize in:

  • Mortgage Credit Reporting

  • Scoring tools

  • Rapid Rescoring services

  • Business credit reports

  • Compliance Products - 4506T, SSA verifications, Flood, Undisclosed Debt Monitoring, complete suite of valuation products and applicant data verification products. 

  • Tenant screening

  • Employment background screening

  • Consumer lending

  • Auto sales and lending

All our products and services are seamlessly integrated with most POS, LOS and AUS platforms, giving your company room to grow with the evolving changes in our industry.

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