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Since 1992 Heartland Valuation has offered credit reports to the mortgage industry, auto industry, consumer lending and many other secured and non-secured lending products.  These credit reports are utilized to make lending  decisions in seconds. Our credit reports can intergrate into many platforms or can be customized into a proprietary application as well.

 The Consumer Profile report includes:

  • Credit profile hit and no hit

  • Fico Score (FICO 9 now available)

  • Fraud Shield hit and no hit

  • Social security search


  • OFAC No Record Message

  • And many other additional addons


Consumer credit reports  from Experian, Trans Union and Equifax ensure that you can you can evaluate your borrower's credit history with confidence and make sound business decisions based on the data.

All credit reports can be modified to your specifications with specific addons.

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