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Appraisal Technology

Heartland Valuation Service’s technology platform delivers to your organization, a robust platform that provides data security, secure online credit card processing, secure electronic confirmation of appraisal delivery to borrower, customizable reports for operational management and electronic notifications from appointment date and time set and all other milestones throughout the appraisal life cycle. Our platform also provides a seamless integration into your LOS platform.

Our technology platform gives you a transparent yearly report on our continuing dedication on data security that exceeds regulatory requirements.

All our data centers are designed to withstand natural disasters including fires, floods and earthquakes. In addition, power is delivered to our data centers via distributed redundant UPS systems, backup batteries and independent diesel generators – to minimize the potential for power outages that can cause service interruptions.

Our platform uses SaaS technology to easily communicate with other technology platforms and third-party product offerings. We currently are integrated with most LOS systems and can easily integrate with clients proprietary systems as well.

Customizable reports can be designed for your operational and accounting team. Reports that are available to your organization range from appraiser turn-times, amount of stipulation requests from underwriting, online billing reports by an individual loan officers or branches and many other types of custom reports.

Heartland Valuation Services commitment to you is keeping your operations data secure and operationally efficient with the use of our platform.

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