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Appraisal Overview

Heartland Valuation Services was established in 1999. Over the past 20 years our company has been providing customizable valuation solutions to retail mortgage originators, correspondent / wholesale lenders, servicing, banks and credit unions. Heartland Valuation Services provides appraisals for residential and commercial assignments, in addition we offer alternative valuation solutions such as (PCR) property condition reports, BPO, assisted AVM, AVM, field reviews, desk reviews and our new product Verisite that creates an instant interior and exterior photo report by using our proprietary iOS and Android app. Heartland Valuation Services provides all of our services nationwide!

With our 20-years of experience, Heartland Valuation Services prides itself with our appraisal panel that we have developed over a 20-year period. Our appraiser panel are experts in their craft and local markets providing a high-quality appraisal report for your organization. 

TRUST is the most important bridge to build with your organization. Heartland Valuation Services builds trust by delivering consistently, a detailed report that is methodically developed by our appraisal panel and accompanied with our highly skilled customer service and quality control team.

Our comprehensive integrated technology platform not only expedites valuation ordering and management for the lender, it also keeps your team electronically informed during every milestone of the appraisal life cycle.

All of Heartland Valuation Services appraisals are reviewed by our in-house licensed appraisal team, helping your organization mitigate appraisal stipulation requests from your underwriting team and improving your overall loan approval time.

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