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Rapid Rescore

The Rapid Rescore program is a service which allows credit information to be updated with Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union within one to five. This is a way of improving a credit score quickly by correcting trdeline items, and then having the credit score “rapidly” corrected at the credit bureau level.


Our highly skilled customer service team of over 27 years can assist you with gathering documents that would be acceptable to submit to the credit bureaus. Unlike with your typical credit report dispute to the credit bureaus directly that can take months, Rapid Rescore can make those changes to the score in days.

Examples of information that can be updated are:

Update accounts that balances have been paid down or paid off

Update derogatory information that was reported in error

Update the status of a collection

Update an account that was included in bankruptcy

Remove inaccurate information

Specific documentation must be provided to the credit bureaus to update information through the Rapid Rescore Program. For example, the documentation must come from the creditor reporting the account and must be verifiable.

The Rapid Rescore process can be used along with our Credit Genie products. You can “simulate” the best course of action to increase the score and then use Rapid Rescore to achieve your goal. We also provide a “no documentation” Rescore service for your convenience.

You now can order a Rapid Rescore and upload supporting documents directly into the tradelines (much like ordering a supplement) through our secure system. This will greatly limit the amount of manual data entry on your part, and also eliminate the extra step of faxing documents. Our goal is to streamline the overall process and help reduce turn times. We also have the ability to order a rush which will be processed with 24 hours (An additional service fee would apply)

       (User Guide Link Here)

"Important the FCRA states that you cannot pass the cost of a Rapid Rescore to the borrower."

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