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Credit Solutions

Credit reports are the first most critical milestone for a lender to determine the ability for a borrower to qualify for a loan.

Heartland Credit Services, dba ACRAnet has been providing our clients innovative credit and data solutions since 1992. Our most important mission is to build Trust with your organization and team members. ACRAnet has over 27-years of experience and provides your organization with a highly educated staff and management team.

Our dedication to you is to deliver a customer centric and innovative solution to help you succeed and excel in this very dynamic industry. 

ACRAnet was one of the first credit reporting companies approved to deliver a credit a report through the internet, and we were a pioneer in having the ability to update a consumers credit file of erroneous information to the credit bureaus within days instead of months. This created our “Rapid Rescore” product! Today we offer the entire suite of Credit Expert® products including the new "Wayfinder™" to help assist your origination and processing team to navigate a path to a score increase before you engage with our Rapid Rescore department. Service and innovation is the core of our company!

We offer our clients a breadth of credit related services such as:

  • Mortgage Credit Reports

  • Credit Expert® tools

  • Rapid Rescoring

  • Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

  • Precise ID

  • Marketing Data

  • Soft inquiries

  • Pre-Closing Verification

  • Business Credit Reports

  • Tenant screening 

  • Employment Back Ground screening

  • And many other products and services

By utilizing our web-based credit reporting solutions, institutions can manage their risk-based analysis and monitor activity at any time. Our easy-to-analyze credit reports and ancillary products from one, two or three bureaus will help you stream-line your back-office production. With our credit reports being one of the most portable credit reports in the industry allows you to originate and re-issue our credits reports to most POS, LOS and AUS portals. 

Our Advantages are:

  • Customizable credit report format

  • Online supplement and Rapid Rescore requests via your LOS

  • Unlimited easy access to all reports for 60 days at no additional cost

  • Highly secure data transmission and storage

  • Real time billing and activity reports

  • Internal management reporting

  • Duplicate pull protection

  • Trending Data

  • Spanish reading credit reports 

  • And more


Call us today to schedule a call with one of our product specialist! 

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