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Fraud Prevention and identifying Data Input Errors


Using our data validation and fraud prevention products will help mitigate loan buybacks and non-performing loans


Heartland Valuations Services is dedicated to

preventing fraud and identifying data input errors that can

affect our client’s ability to sell or even worse cause a

buy back on closed loans that do not perform.


Using our fraud and data verification tools

give our clients a comfort level with their

due-diligence processes and quickly helps identify

any false-positives returns from our ADV 120

report (Applicant Data Verification). The ADV 120

report is recommended by some of the largest

warehouse lenders and purchasers of closed loans.

Our ADV 120 report is the only data verification product

integrated completely into Encompass allowing the 

user never to leave the encompass system. 

We have testimonies from multiple users stating

the use of our ADV 120 product saves between

30-45 minutes of underwriting time per file.

Call our regional representative to schedule a demo.


Additional products we offer to help mitigate fraud are:


  • Tax Return Verifications 4506T

  • SSA verification reports 

  • Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

  • Employment verification 

  • Asset verifications

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