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Credit Genie 

Through Credit Genie, our customers can obtain an at-a-glance viewing of all three bureaus scores, arranged from high to low. Alongside each score, the borrower’s potential score improvement is provided to you.

Credit Genie suite of products sets the stage for the type of loan you can offer your clients. It allows you to view the current score and simulate changes to the borrowers credit report and shows the potential improvement immediately! This will help you advise your borrowers on the next steps to increase their credit score.

The Credit Genie products available  through CreditXpert are:


  • Wayfinder - Close more loans by helping customers get their best credit score.

  • Credit Radar – Quickly informs you on the key pieces of credit information before you even look at the credit report! Credit Radar is automatically generated on each credit report as a cover page and saves time for the loan officer by eliminating the need to read through each piece of information on the credit report that maybe affecting the credit score. The at-a-glance summary report will:

  • Deliver a 30-day forecast prediction of the borrowers mid-score.  

  • Include a mid-score alert if revovling credit accounts have moderate increase in balances that could lower the score. This is an important tool you can use to inform your borrower to be carefull to use thier credit card while in the loan process. 

  • Alert the user with important indicators that may need immediate attention. 

  • What If Simulator – Use the what if simulator to see what is likely to happen before you take action. Simulate combinations of your own actions as well as those suggested by other products. Typical simulations are adding or paying down a credit card, removing derogatory accounts and other key factors.Use the rapid rescoring mode to mirror the actions available in rescoring services or the planning mode to see what happens in the future. Once the borrower has completed the recommendations and has the supporting documentation, you can then engage with our "Rapid Rescore" service.

  • Trendscape –An automated analysis of the new trended credit reports. Quickly understand each person’s overall credit picture-all in a simple cover page.  

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