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ZIP Error Correction Service

Information reported incorrectly by creditors to the credit repositories often contributes to lower credit scores. Our credit association conducted a survey and discovered 25-30 percent of all credit reports contained one or more errors on their personal credit report.

Through the ACRAnet system, errors are often easily correctable. Our company has implemented a simple approach to dispute potential errors on a borrower’s reports. Your borrower simply identifies the tradeline(s) that are reporting in error, and ACRAnet then contacts the bureaus on your borrower’s behalf. Within 30 to 60 days, the results of the investigation will be communicated directly to the consumer via USPS. If the tradeline information is found to be reported in error, it will be removed from the consumer’s credit file,or information of why the dispute cannot be removed from their credit report.


  • Error correction directly at the bureau level

  • Easy-to-use online system

  • Timely correction (within 45-60 days) if an error is found

  • Error correction may lead to an increase in borrower’s FICO score

  • No cost to you or the consumer

ACRAnets ZIP Error Correction quickly researches potential errors and provides timely communication to the consumer, resulting in the possible correction of tradeline information that is found to be reported in error, all without costing your or your borrower a penny.

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