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Appraisal Forms

Heartland Valuation offers a wide range of appraisal forms available through our nationwide network of appraisers

Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR) – FNMA 1004

Reports value in a summary format using an URAR (FNMA 1004) form for a single-family residence.  It is used primarily for proposed construction, major remodel or a complex property.

FHA Appraisal Report

Reports value in a summary format using an URAR (FNMA 1004) form for a single-family residence. Report includes a head and shoulder inspection of the attic, verifies all appliances are in working order, electricity and heat are in working order, notate any health and safety issues, roof life, and other visible problems that might be notated.  

Reverse Mortgage FHA Report

This report is a FHA report, but Heartland Valuation Services has select appraisal panel that is experienced in serving reverse mortgage originations.

Condominium Unit Appraisal Report – FNMA 1073

Reports value in a summary format (FNMA 1073) using a condo form for an individual unit. It provides information that is unique to these forms of real property.  This may include subject unit, unit complex, associations, CC&R data, and other market data, which is specific to these forms of property ownership.

Small Residential Income Property Report – FNMA 1025

Reports value in a summary format using a SRIP (FNMA 1025) for a 2-4 family property.  It provides specific data on income factors that may include subject unit, market rental, and comparable income producing properties similar to the subject.

Coop Property Report – FNMA 1075

Quantitative Analysis Appraisal Report – FNMA 2055

Reports value in a limited format using a FNMA 2055 form.  This is used for appraisal of typical, non-complex, and existing single-family residences.

Limited Summary Report – FNMA 2065/FHLMC 704

Reports the value in a limited format.  It is used primarily for single-family properties that are not proposed construction, involve major remodeling, or are complex in nature.

Complex or Jumbo Property Report

Properties which have some level of complexity that require a more experienced appraiser and require the appraiser to conduct additional fieldwork.

Property Inspection Report – FNMA 2075 / FHLMC 2070

Reports basic information about the property using a FNMA 2075 form.  It is based on an exterior inspection (drive-by),and does not provide an estimated value conclusion.  Used for a loan using an Automated Valuation Model (AVM),or Assessed Value (AV).  Drive-by property inspections are effective for 120 days.

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