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Flood Certification


Heartland Valuation Services has been partnered with ServiceLink National Flood, a leading flood provider in the financial industry for over 20 years. ServiceLinks expertise with “flood certification reports” will ensure a superior relationship, providing advanced technology and products so that you receive the very best flood certificates available in our industry.


Some of the benefits of utilizing ServiceLink are:


  • Leading Vendor. ServiceLink is a Fidelity Company and is a top-rated industry product vendor with a strong due diligence package.


  • Exclusive offering. CertMap is a tool for your loan officers that also enhances the borrowers “flood” experience.


  • Accuracy. With so many changes occurring to the FEMA flood maps, your firm is assured to receive both accurate and reliable flood zone determinations by going with ServiceLink.


  • Technology. ServiceLink leverages advanced technologies for locating the property and determining if any of the structures are IN a FEMA flood zone requiring flood insurance.


  • Superior Customer Service. When your team needs assistance, ServiceLink and Heartland Valuation Services will be there; from audit information needed for answering questions about the flood certificate, or any help to resolve flood zone issues.


  • Made in America. ServiceLink flood certificates are completed here in the U.S.


  • Completion. Within seconds, your firm’s flood order will be delivered. ServiceLink is able to automate over 90% of your orders. For those that need to be manually researched, ServiceLink will deliver within 4 hours.


ServiceLink is connected to fifty (50) Loan Origination Software platforms including, but not limited to, Encompass, LendingQB, Calyx, Mortgagebot, Sound Software, Empower, RealEC – ordering is easy when using ServiceLink


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