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Credit Card Processing & Payable Services

Heartland Valuation Services provides a service for our clients that processes and collects credit card payments from their borrowers for appraisal orders. Our service will pay the vendor, handle phone calls from the vendor for any questions about their invoice(s) and handle any borrower generated credit card disputes from their credit card issuer. In addition our service will electronically send out end-of-year 1099 tax forms to all appraisers who received assignments for the current tax year. 


  • Eliminate the handling of a trust account for collecting and managing payments to vendors

  • Save time and staffing for managing inbound calls from vendors inquiring about open invoices

  • Detailed reports of all vendors paid during the previous month 

  • Mitigate operational costs due to untimely responses to credit card issuers customer disputes  

  • Eliminate 1099 tax reporting        

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