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Residential Appraisal Services

HVA Offers Conventional and FHA 


Heartland Valuation Services

Heartland Valuation Services provides a nationwide customizable suite of valuation, credit and data verification solutions for residential and commercial loans. Heartland Valuation Services simplifies the entire loan cycle with our highly educated customer service team and innovative product offerings, that we have been developing over the past 27 years. Your organization and team members will gain the trust in Heartland Valuation Services as your premier provider, knowing that you will have a partner that has a team with knowledge, technology and an overall customer centric dedication to excellence! We offer over 120 products with our family of companies and partners.

Our products and services are designed for retail mortgage loan originators, correspondent / wholesale lenders, banks and credit unions. Heartland Valuation Services works within your workflow and will customize a solution tailored for your enterprise. 

All of Heartland Valuation Services residential and commercial appraisals are reviewed for residential assignments and we provide a quality analysis for commercial assignments, all by our in-house licensed appraisal team.

Made in the USA!  We do not out source any of our services to off shore companies.


Our proprietary warranty products are available on all valuation products.


Heartland Valuation Services provides a nationwide customizable valuation solution for residential and commercial appraisal assignments for retail mortgage originators, correspondent/wholesale lenders, banks and credit unions.

We offer a complete suite of alternative valuation products, and all of our valuation products are eligible for our custom warranty program.


Heartland Credit Services, dba ACRAnet provides credit reports to mortgage lenders, consumer lenders, property managers, human resource departments, auto sales and lending, and family law firms.

Our credit reports are very easy to read and are customizable to meet your format needs. Our highly educated customer service team will help you resolve tradeline credit supplements quickly, and we will help guide you with Rapid Rescore scenarios that are the best path for the borrower to achieve a higher credit score for their mortgage loan program. We offer many other credit products such as undisclosed debt monitoring (UDM), business credit reports and other unique credit product offerings. We are happy to offer the new FICO 9 for consumer lending products. 


Heartland Valuation Services provides lenders with a superior suite of verification products for borrower verifications, vendor verifications and bank account verification services for wire transfers. In addition, we offer 4506T and other tax form verifications that are FNMA Day 1 ready. We also provide employment verification services that are DAY 1 ready as well. 

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ACRAnet has been our credit company for years.  I would never even consider going somewhere else as the service is always impeccable. their response time to credit supplements is phenomenal.  I appreciate everyone there."

Kathy - Operations Manager

This is top of the line service. 

My borrower and realtor has nothing but good Things to say about the appraisal they had. Always on time and always on point. They were worried that they needed to ask for extension on the appraisal. Now everyone is happy. Thank you again!

You are awesome as always!"

I have been working with the entire team for over 12 years.

They have been instrumental in finding solutions for some of our workflow projects and always there for me with any questions about new products and how to intergrate them into Encompass 360"

- Diane

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